Ryan Edwards’ Parents on ‘Teen Mom OG’ Have Faced Lots of Criticism

Plenty of Teen Mom OG fans have criticized and called out Ryan’s parents for enabling not only his former drug use, but also what many view as his poor parenting choices with Bentley. More often than not, Ryan seems to prefer to wait for Bentley to approach him at family functions and events rather than taking the initiative himself.

And Bentley has voiced his issues with his father, admitting that he feels uncomfortable at Ryan’s house, compared to his grandparents Larry and Jen’s home.

In a preview of the reunion ahead of its premiere, Jen told Maci that she would support Bentley if he were to ever develop an addiction, like Ryan did. And, to some fans, that only proves that she has covered up for her son more than she would care to admit. While Jen has never actually admitted to that, the critical eyes of Teen Mom OG fans have been quick to narrow on her.

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