‘Roblox’ Was Rumored to Shut Down in 2021 — They Responded

Fans of the game design platform Roblox were shocked when a now-deleted article by React2424 was published saying that it would be shutting down. The article claimed that, because of overpopulation, the platform could not continue. Because diehard fans know how popular it is, the reason seemed legitimate, especially when one considers that the title is constantly shutting down and users are getting Roblox Error 400 messages along with “Bad Request” prompts.

Is Roblox shutting down in 2021?

Last year, the news that the popular block-based game was getting put out to pasture went viral — as users anxiously awaited any official confirmation from Roblox about its future. The site eventually responded to all of the claims that the game would be going the way of the Dodo, and don’t worry, the game looks like it’s here to stay.


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A bit of fake news that persisted well into the height of the COVID-19 pandemic prognosticated that the game would be experiencing a total shutdown in March of 2020, which sent Roblox users into a tizzy, dying to know whether or not the rumors were true.

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The tweet that clarified all of the panic stated: “Let’s set things straight: Roblox is not ‘shutting down.’ The same hoax (with a few details changed) goes around every year or two. Remember: Don’t believe everything y’all read on the internet.”

Now that the Roblox rumors are cleared up, we have to discuss how these intense rumors came to be in the first place.

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Another reason why people thought ‘Roblox’ was shutting down were the error messages.

If you play your fair share of Roblox then you’re probably very well-acquainted with the aforementioned error messages whenever you’re trying to just play the game and enjoy yourself for a little bit. In fact, server failures are such a common occurrence for gamers that it’s become a bit of an online joke.

But that doesn’t mean the game’s going away, and even if you encounter these issues, it’s usually only a few minutes before you’re able to log back into your account and get back to Roblox-ing it up with your friends online.

One Roblox offshoot game that fans do think is shutting down is Reason 2 Die. It’s a piece of user-created content that many see as a “game mode,” and it’s based on Left 4 Dead.

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It’s basically a “mod” that many fear is leaving the game completely, but a good reason it’s getting booted from Roblox is possible copyright infringement. There are other mods that have been removed from Roblox as well, like the Minecraft clone Skyblock.

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