Rep. Dan Crenshaw Lost His Eye in 2012 — What Happened?

“When I meet people in public, and especially campaigning, I noticed it’s very distracting to people,” Rep. Crenshaw said about the glass eye he sometimes wears in a video posted on Twitter, as per The Hill

“Even if it’s a natural-looking eye, it doesn’t quite look right […] It’s extremely distracting. And I’m very self-conscious about it,” he added

Rep. Crenshaw prefers items adorned with the Navy SEAL trident or the bonefrog symbol.  

“Some of the first ones I had made were actually wooden and they had certain SEALs symbols, Navy SEALs symbols — not only the trident but also what we call the bonefrog […] So I’ve been wearing a lot of different eye patches for a long time,” he explained in a video posted on Twitter. 

“The truth is I have about 10 different glass eyes [with] all kinds of different symbols. The one I wear the most is the Navy SEAL trident. What that actually is is a gold earring that they sell in Coronado, Calif. that we had implanted into a glass eye,” he added. 

As Rep. Crenshaw explained later on in the video, he draws a distinction between his public and private life, mostly wearing eye patches when he has to meet strangers or appear at political events. 

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