Quad’s New House Has ‘Married to Medicine’ Fans in Complete Awe

The cast of Married to Medicine has been busy.

On top of the latest conflicts — take, for instance, the epic moment Dr. Heavenly Kimes accused Toya Bush-Harris of acting too blunt in Season 8 Episode 17 — the stars have also been causing a stir in the property market.

Quad Webb, Dr. Jackie Walters, and Toya are just some of the Married to Medicine stars who either invested in a new house, did a refurb, or have started looking for a spot.

Quad and Toya got caught up in a scuffle over Quad’s old place.

Toya once described Quad’s place as a “bulls–t a– apartment” in an Instagram Live, as per Bravo. Needless to add, the dismissive remark didn’t exactly bode well with Quad.

“When I said what I said a “bulls–t a– apartment,” I didn’t know what she lived in,” Toya further elaborated in a confessional. “She could have lived in a box.”

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To retort, Quad brushed up her apparent knowledge of Toya’s financial situation, accusing her of taking out a personal loan worth $100,000 and a home loan.

“Toya feels like having certain cars or a certain house, living in a certain zip code, it validates her,” Quad claimed. “She don’t give a damn if she work Eugene into an early grave or if spends the money before it’s even made, she doesn’t give a f—.”

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Toya worked up the courage for an apology in Season 8, Episode 17 of Married to Medicine.

“I should not have been tipsy on the Live and used the word ‘apartment’ and been so negative against you,” she said, before telling show host Andy Cohen that “You know, I walked into the townhouse, and I said that house, it was beautiful … I said I would live there. I would.”

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