People Are Sharing Their “Happy Dogs” With This Adorable TikTok Trend

When a meme blossoms into a trend that everyone wants a piece of, it’s easy to forget who the original trendsetter was. And while there are plenty of happy dog clips on the internet, the one that started this particular song was a user by the name of deejaymoo41, who stomped their feet and sang a happy little ditty as their pupper laid on the ground basking in the glory of his owner’s love.

If you haven’t seen it before, then you’re in for a treat:

It didn’t take long for other people to take deejay’s song and apply it to their own happy puppy videos, where they recorded clips of their dogs enjoying life to the fullest, with the OG track intact.

There’s something undeniably wholesome and relatable about singing silly little songs you come up with to express your love to someone you cherish, whether it’s a pet or a baby. But the goofy voice and simple music cues really seemed to resonate with a lot of folks.

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