One TikTok User Sets His Tinder to Olympic Village to Date Athletes

Reed also posted his first TikTok, which now has over 2 million views, to Twitter. He added the caption, “Last night I made a TikTok about changing my Tinder location to put myself in the Olympic Village so that I can fall in love with an Olympian (medalists preferred). It got 2M views overnight, which is fun, but now Olympic Village Tinder is flooded with non-Olympians.”

While it does appear his method has backfired a little, his initial TikTok revealed there were more than a few Olympians single and on the app. The Olympians he quickly showcased in his TikTok included New Zealand canoeist Lisa Carrington, 32, Canadian swimmer Katerine Savard, 28, and Estonian biathlete Grete Gaim, 28.

However, in an updated TikTok, it appears Reed has found luck after Katerine Savard commented on his video with a raised hand emoji. He responded to her with a second TikTok, where he speaks French for her after noting her Tinder bio said she likes men who speak French. The Olympian responded to this second TikTok as well with a sweet comment: “Hahaha, j’adore.”

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