Nivea and Lil Wayne’s Son Remained Their Focus Through Thick and Thin

The couple, who originally began seeing each other back in 2002 and got engaged that same year, called it quits in 2003 before taking back up again in 2008 for a brief period of time. Although their relationship ultimately did not last, fans have clamored for information regarding their past union and how it impacted their lives going forward.

This interview and Nivea’s candor regarding her family have made plenty of fans curious about the extent of her and Wayne’s relationship, as well as her previous relationships. So, what do we know about Nivea and Lil Wayne’s son, and what other details have been shared regarding Nivea’s personal life? Keep reading to find out.

Nivea and Lil Wayne share one son, Neal Carter, and she elaborated on how it all came to be.

Nivea and Lil Wayne only share one child together, Neal Carter, who was born in 2009.

Nivea told Kandi that her relationship with Lil Wayne started with his saying, “I don’t want to work with you, I just want your number,” which later turned into “Come be with me, I got you.”

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The two artists broke up after being back together for just eight months, but any relationship tension that developed between them never affected their ability to co-parent Neal or how he was raised. In fact, Lil Wayne has worked since their split to always spend time with his son and guide him well, even bringing him out on stage on a few occasions as a young boy.

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Neal has grown up with quite a large group of loved ones (three siblings on his father’s side and three on his mother’s side, to be exact), and the family seems to remain tight-knit and focused on maintaining healthy relationships with one another.

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