New Orleans’? Details on Dwayne Pride

On Twitter, fans have expressed concern about Pride and his mental health with one person saying, “Pride and these dreams… I’m so worried for him.” Others are speculating about the nature of his visions and whether they may lead to further developments with Pride’s storyline. @SWheezly asked, “perhaps Pride’s dreams are more than dreams. Perhaps they could be visions, or some kind of deja-vu?” 

It’s possible, but we’re still concerned. 

It looks like everyone’s looking for answers. While Pride seeing the man in the red suit is certainly suggestive of a possible exit from the show, as of now there’s been no official announcement from the actor or the network. 

Here’s hoping that Pride is able to make a full recovery from the traumatic events he’s just been through and that viewers won’t have to lose another fan favorite of the show. 

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