Nancy Pelosi’s Eyebrows Spark Plastic Surgery Rumors… Again

Even amid a global pandemic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t escape criticism about her eyebrows. 

On May 12, the 80-year-old unveiled House Democrats’ proposal for a new coronavirus relief bill, but Twitter seemed more interested in her appearance than her politics.

Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows cause a stir on social media.

During the politician’s press conference discussing the massive COVID-19 legislative package — which she said prioritizes “opening our economy safely and soon, honoring our heroes, and then putting much needed money in the pockets of Americans” — plastic surgery allegations began popping up on the internet.

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“What has Nancy Pelosi done to her face during COVID-19 shutdown?” one online troll asked. “If her eyebrows get any higher they will be up in her hairline. Sadly, she is more concerned about her Spanx face than getting Americans back to work.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Looks like [Pelosi] had a facelift during the pandemic. Her face is tight as a drum & her eyebrows are in the middle of her forehead. She’s had to stay home to heal the scars. The creature can’t even blink!”

A third commenter, who goes by the name “Deplorable Texan” on the platform, accused the Speaker of using accessories to mask her alleged procedures. 

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“It’s bad enough that you are taking a vacation and drawing your pay, but you have gotten a facelift when others can’t get heart stents,” the self-proclaimed “conservative ‘60s chick” bemoaned. “Your clown eyebrows, visible scars, and those hidden under scarves give you away.”

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nancy pelosi plastic surgery

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Pelosi has not responded to the claims, but this is hardly the first time she’s rumored to have gone under the knife. In 2011, a Detroit-based plastic surgeon speculated over the work she’d reportedly had done.

“A woman her age shouldn’t look that good,” Dr. Anthony Youn, who has never treated Pelosi, said at the time. “It appears that she has had a good amount of surgery… probably an eyelid lift and even a facelift.”

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Plastic surgery is more common in Washington, D.C. than you think.

A 2017 article published by Town & Country explored the apparent plastic surgery boom that followed Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration earlier that year. According to RealSelf, a cosmetic surgery-focused review site, interest in minimally invasive procedures grew 18 percent around the D.C. area from 2016 to 2017.

donald trump plastic surgery

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It helps that doctors in and around Washington are particularly discreet given the high-profile status of many of their clients. Dermatologist Dr. Noëlle Sherber tucked her office behind a beauty store to ensure anonymity. 

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“Our practice is designed for maximum privacy, so we don’t have a waiting room,” she told Town & Country. “If you have Secret Service or you need another level of discretion, we have a secret entrance that they can use so that they wouldn’t even go through the front, if need be.”

Sherber noted that many politicians favor laser treatments, which restore the texture of the skin. “High-definition television has really changed the name of the game for both men and women,” she explained. “Enlarged pores and fine lines are accentuated on TV and make people look more sun damaged, more tired.”

This is why it’s so much easier to just stay home!

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