Meet Imani, a Transgender Character

So far, Season 3 of The Chi has been the most surprising and best yet. After just two episodes, we’ve learned a lot, and have lost and gained characters. One of the most recent additions to the series is Trig’s new girlfriend, Imani, who is played by actress Jasmine Davis. What’s remarkable about her character, however, is that she’s the first transgender character to ever appear on the show to date. Scroll down to meet the character and actress!

Who is Trig’s girlfriend on ‘The Chi’?

Trig’s girlfriend on The Chi is named Imani (played by actress Jasmine Davis) and we just met her this season. It was revealed during Episode 2 on Sunday, June 28, that she is transgender. This makes her the first transgender character to ever appear on the show.

During the episode, Trig (played by actor Luke James Boyd) and Imani go to a gay bar together and he ends up in a big fight after a man hits on him.

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Outside after the fight, Imani tells Trig that she wants to be around her people, which proved that she is transgender and in turn, raised questions about Trig’s true sexuality.

“You’re a woman. That’s all I see when I look at you,” Trig shared, to which Imani responded: “You can’t love me and hate him. It doesn’t work like that.”

After this scene, fans are now curious to know more about Iman’s story and Trig’s sexuality, so here’s hoping we get more answers during the next episode.

In a recent interview, The Chi creator Lena Waithe opened up about having the first transgender character to ever appear on the series. “I’m so excited that we finally get to introduce our first trans character this season,” she said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. “Her name is Jasmine, she’s a Chicago native, she’s fantastic.” 

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However, she also revealed that the show won’t harp on the fact that Imani is transgender. “We make sure to not point a finger or shed too much light on her being trans,” Lena added during the virtual sit-down. “She’s an amazing woman, she’s an interesting character, and I’m excited that we finally get to do that this season.” 

jasmine davis the chi

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Is Jasmine Davis transgender?

Based on Jasmine’s Instagram account and what we know, it doesn’t appear that the actress is transgender in real life. She is a Chicago native who moved to L.A. to pursue a modeling and acting career. So it turns out, The Chi is one of her biggest roles yet.

Since 2015, she’s appeared in some short films and TV movies including Downward Doug, The Choice, Abortion, Deviants, and L.A.’s Finest

On the modeling end, her Instagram features a plethora of photos of her posing… and she looks fit and absolutely stunning in each one. We can’t wait to learn more about Imani, Trig, and their relationship as Season 3 of The Chi continues to unfold!

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