Martin McNeill’s Son — His Death, and Martin’s Tragic Fate

A new 20/20 episode will take an inside look into the death of Michele MacNeill after she was found dead in a bathtub inside her home in 2007. Though it was initially ruled that she passed from natural causes, two of her daughters, Alexis Somers and Rachel MacNeill, suspected that their father, Martin MacNeill, murdered their mom.  

After nearly five years, the wealthy doctor was charged with killing his wife. The news series will examine the father-of-eight’s motive, his multiple affairs, his stealing his adopted daughter’s identity, and the family’s continued fight in getting justice for their mom. The ABC series interviews Alexis and Rachel who recount the horrific ordeal and how the siblings struggled after their mom died.  

Martin MacNeill reportedly drugged Michele before her death.

In the 20/20 episode, Martin’s daughters talk about their father’s personality and physical change leading up to their mom’s death. Prosecutors argued at the trial that Martin encouraged his wife to get a facelift since he was losing weight and focusing more on his appearance. After the surgery, he asked the doctor for a list of prescription medications, which was supplied to him. 

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Michele and Martin

The show will continue to examine how Martin enacted his plan, which was to drug and drown his wife, so he could be with another woman, Gypsy Willis.

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Where is Martin MacNeill now? 

Two years after the murder of his wife, Martin and his girlfriend Gypsy were convicted of fraud after using his adoptive daughter’s social security number to open bank accounts under false pretenses. 

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Though he was released in prison in 2012, he stood trial just one-year later for the murder of his wife and was convicted after prosecutors and his daughters argued that he killed Michele. In 2017, Martin was found dead at the Utah State Prison. Following an investigation, his death was ruled a suicide by hanging.  

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After her father’s death, Alexis spoke with ABC News, saying, “I just hope that there’s peace after all this and that we can move on. … And peace for not only myself but the rest of my family and others that have been victimized by my father.” 

Take an inside look into the life and death of Michele MacNeill in ABC’s 20/20 episode airing June 14 at 9 p.m. ET.  

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