‘Love Island’ Has Seen Three Deaths by Suicide in the Last Year

In April 2019, former beauty queen and Love Island contestant Sophie Gradon committed suicide in her family home. According to BBC, she had been drinking and was on cocaine, which had the potential to increase violent thoughts. It’s suspected the substances contributed to her suicide.

Sophie was found to have been talking with an acquaintance leading up to her death, saying that she was “struggling with the world” and “cannot do this anymore”.

According to MamaMia, Sophie opened up about the bullying she faced post-Love Island in one of her last interviews.

“There would be so many negative comments. They are commenting on the way you look, the way you talk. They would come up with an opinion of you on a TV show where they’ve watched you for 45 minutes,” she said. “It was very hard to deal with because you take it like you’re being judged. It can really get into your mind and really affect you… The harsh reality is, it can end up with that person taking their own life.”

Sophie was found by her boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong, who took his own life 20 days later.

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