Looks Like It’s Only Getting Worse

We all daydream about having our homes professionally renovated by HGTV’s designers, right? How could you not? The “after” shots of HGTV-show houses are always so incredible that actually living in them seems like it’d be a total dream come true. Unfortunately, some people who purchased a home featured on Windy City Rehab found themselves in a nightmare instead.

Shortly after moving into their newly renovated Chicago home, one couple filed a lawsuit against Windy City Rehab host Alison Victoria and her lead contractor Donovan Eckhardt claiming the work done on their house had been shoddy and defective. And they weren’t the only ones. If you’re looking for lawsuit updates, keep reading.

Fans of ‘Windy City Rehab’ want to know if there have been any lawsuit updates.

On Season 1 of Windy City Rehab, Alison and Donovan worked together to renovate a 4,000-square-foot luxury home in Lincoln Square. James and Anna Morrissey purchased the home for $1.36 million. The day after they closed on the house, things quickly went south as an upstairs shower leaked gallons of water into the kitchen. 

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Homeowners Shane Jones and Samantha Mostaccio also filed a lawsuit against Alison and Donovan with similar claims of negligent construction. According to the court documents, Shane and Samantha have dealt with “several construction and warranty defects, including water damage, cracking concrete columns and a problematic garage, which has allegedly required more than $100,000 in repairs.”

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On top of these lawsuits, Alison and Donovan were also hit with stop-work orders, blocked permits, and license suspensions due to a series of violations. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Donovan had apparently worked without appropriate permits at 11 different properties. Not a good look!

Yet another lawsuit emerged in June 2020 after Michael Ward Jr. (a former friend of Donovan’s) and his family sued Alison and Donovan. The Ward family accused Donovan and Alison of a “fraudulent scheme to misappropriate funds.” The Wards invested $3 million in projects featured on the show. They say that Donovan fraudulently claimed he had expertise working in Chicago, which would result in a “maximum return” for them. However, the venture fell apart — much like the houses Donovan worked on.

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