Liza Koshy Has Two Sisters (and You Can Tell She’s the Youngest)

Liza is actually pretty private about her personal life, so there’s not a ton of info out there about her family. However, it’s clear that Liza loves her family members very much, and since they’re such a big part of her life, she has certainly mentioned them a few times. In a video she filmed for Wired back in 2018, she spoke briefly about her sisters.

“My mom made three brown girls and she’s a white woman herself, it’s pretty exciting,” she said. “She made me, my sister Olivia, and my other sister Rahel, which is a very Indian name.” Liza also revealed that she’s the youngest of the family. In true baby sister fashion, she added: “I am the youngest, so my parents kept trying until they had the best and just had to stop.”

Liza has always kept her private life pretty private. In a 2014 interview (back in the Vine days!), she said, “I really don’t put my family out there too much mainly because it is an invasion of their privacy. My followers do not necessarily need to know what part of town I live in or that I have two older sisters.” Fair enough!

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