‘Liberal Santa’ makes kid cry by telling him he won’t give him a gun for Christmas — a Nerf gun, that is

All he wanted for Christmas was a Nerf gun. Instead, as 2nd Amendment Twitter
would describe it, the kid got a political lump of coal from “Liberal Santa” and his “woke” agenda.

Sabella DeCarlo on Facebook
shared the awkward moment when her young boy, Michael, was told by a mall Santa on Sunday at the Harlem Irving Plaza in Norridge, Illinois, that he would not be putting a gun of any kind under the Christmas tree this year.

“No, not even a Nerf gun,” Santa informed the little guy. “If your dad wants to get it for you, that’s fine, but I can’t bring it to you. What else would you like? Lots of other toys. Legos. There’s bicycles. There’s cars and trucks.”

And then came the tears.

“My poor baby,” DeCarlo wrote in the post. “This was the first year Michael was excited to go see Santa. It was supposed to be magical but instead I had to watch my sweet little boy fight back tears because Santa told him No because of his own personal beliefs.”

Here’s the clip, which has racked up 1.6 million views:

The exchange triggered some high-profile names on the right, like Louisiana Senator Joe Kennedy, who ripped “Far-left Santa” on Fox News Tuesday morning:

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The hits, from both sides, kept coming. This from former NRA spokesperson and Twitter troll Dana Loesch, who later offered to send Michael a Nerf gun:

While most seemed to be in agreement that this particular Kris Kringle was way out of line, there was still plenty of bickering as Loesch and others like her were called out for hypocrisy.

Ultimately, the Harlem Irving Plaza, in a statement reported by the Daily Mail, said it was “deeply apologetic” and that Santa has resigned. “The Santa company will continue to remind all Santa’s how important it is to not impose personal opinions during visits with the children.”

View more information: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/liberal-santa-makes-kid-cry-by-telling-him-he-wont-give-him-a-gun-for-christmas-a-nerf-gun-that-is-11607456411

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