‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ Release Date and What We Know About the Show

More than three years after making her dramatic Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta exit, Joseline Hernandez is making a big splash for her return to reality TV. The reality star, who dubbed herself the “The Puerto Rican Princess,” is the boss of her Zeus Network show, Joseline’s Cabaret. 

The show centers around Joseline’s strip club, and her desire to recruit powerful women to represent her — and it’s cut throat. The series is unlike any other, and we have the scoop on the Joseline’s Cabaret release date, the cast, and what Joseline herself has been up to.

What is Joseline’s Cabaret about?

Here’s the refresher in case you don’t remember Joseline (and her iconic one-liners) from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She was working as a stripper in Atlanta when rapper Stevie J discovered her. She joined the cast of the reality show as Stevie J tried to promote Joseline as a rapper/singer. The two were also a romantic item, much to the chagrin of Stevie’s then girlfriend Mimi Faust.

If that wasn’t enough to prove Joseline’s star power, when she and Stevie decided to leave the show behind, they got their own spinoff, Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood. It lasted for one season in 2016.

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After having a daughter named Bonnie Bella Jordan together in December of 2016, the couple soon split. Joseline hasn’t been a regular on reality TV since her spin-off series, and Joseline’s Cabaret will change that.

In the Zeus Network show, Joseline is attempting to turn a struggling gentleman’s club into a money maker with her expertise as a former stripper (think of it like Kitchen Nightmares but for one strip club).

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Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez

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“It’s been three years since I left Love & Hip Hop,” Joseline says in the teaser. “But everybody knows there ain’t no Love & Hip Hop without The Puerto Rican Princess. Now, I’m back with this cabaret, and my b—— is back. We’re about ready to take over Miami once again. The baddest b—h is back, and I’m here to stay.”

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“If I can get one of you girls to change your life, I’d be fine with that,” Joseline emotionally says to one of the dancers who is struggling with depression. 

Joseline also mentions how emotionally controlling her ex Stevie J was in the trailer, and how toxic L&HH is. The tea is piping hot in this cabaret.

In addition to Joseline’s Cabaret, she’s also returning to her roots… sort of. Joseline is set to join the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which premieres on Jan. 6, 2020. 

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