‘John Wick 4’ Confirmed for 2021 Release — ‘Chapter 3’ Ending Explained

It makes sense, considering that the third film ended off with a surprising twist that definitely lent itself to a follow-up movie. Many thought that there wouldn’t be a fourth installment, mostly because there wasn’t a post-credits scene, unlike the first and second John Wick movies.

While not achieving Deadpool numbers, John Wick 3 — which uses minimal CGI and only rocked a $55 million budget — blew away all the other films in its opening weekend by locking in a $57 million domestic box office. Globally, it brought in $92 million, which is a record high for the franchise.

John Wick 4 is set for 2021 release date. 

Lionsgate, probably delighted by the news, announced on the same day the overwhelmingly positive box office numbers rolled in that there would be a fourth John Wick film. It’s already slated for a release of May 21st, 2021.

But it’s how the studio let fans know that there was going to be another movie that’s really interesting.

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Winston betrays John Wick.

One of the most surprising moments of Parabellum is when John Wick’s longtime friend, confidant, and silent ally, Winston, betrays him. In John Wick: Chapter 2 we see Winston give John an hour head start after Keanu’s character murders a member of the High Table on Continental grounds.

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It was clear that even though John went against the High Table’s rules (you know, the super secret assassin organization Wick and Co. are a part of) Winston was still pulling for the man who tragically lost his wife after successfully getting out of the killing game.

At the end of Parabellum, Winston shoots John repeatedly on the roof of the Continental, sending him over the building’s side.

The question is though: was Winston’s betrayal of John really a betrayal? As it turns out, Winston got in a ton of trouble with the High Table for giving John that hour head start.

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The climactic shootout at the end of the third film shows Winston seemingly catching John unawares and lighting him up, but after shooting him, he never checks over the roof to see if he killed him or not. 

He literally just betrayed the world’s most dangerous killer, don’t you think he’d wonder if he actually murked him?

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Here’s what probably happened: Winston shoots John but it’s all a plot for him to keep his position all nice and dandy with the High Table. He nailed him in the gut, where John was rocking a bullet proof vest anyway, and he strategically shot him off a part of the Continental that had enough there to help the bearded assassin break his fall.

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We see John walk away from the “attack” and he’s helped by the Tick Tock Man and the Bowery King, who also have bones to pick with the High Table. Could the end of Parabellum set up a fourth film where Winston works from the inside against the High Table, while John and Co. team up and topple the “elders” once and for all?

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