Jill Duggar Dishes on Her Nose Ring, Wearing Pants, & Drinking Alcohol

Another question Jill answered from fans in the Sept. 23 video: How did you have the courage to make the changes you did?”Therapy has been really helpful,” Jill said. “But also like we haven’t changed who we are as people. As Christians, we want to have the Bible be our standard.” 

Jill went on to say that while it’s helpful to still listen to advice and to entertain other people’s opinions, it’s important not to be led by fear.

“You have to grow as a person in that, too, and not just be a people pleaser,” she said. “But also learn to balance and show deference to people, too. So I think it’s about balance but definitely about growth, too.

“We just feel like we have the freedom now to make more decisions that we would not have otherwise before,” Derick added. “But we’re in a different place now where we can actually make those decisions.”

We think it’s admirable that Jill and Derick have taken control of their lives by making the best decisions for themselves and their family — despite the highly-controlled in which the Duggar siblings were raised. Kudos to them for growing over time and for changing their opinions after seeking out more information and different perspectives.

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