Jenna Marbles Had a Falling out With Barstool’s President David Portnoy

In a recent tweet, David said he takes credit for launching Jenna’s internet career.

“Today’s question of the day. Did [Barstool Sports] discover and help launch the careers of the two most successful digital female content creators of the last two decades?” he tweeted. “Jenna Marbles and Alex Cooper. Not bad for a sexist company in a male-dominated field. Who’s next?”

David previously claimed he felt Jenna didn’t attribute her success to his mentoring in an interview with NBC News.

She told People magazine she fell into making YouTubes. Actually, no, you were working at a tanning salon and I hired you. That’s how you started,” he said. “She thanked me once. She made a YouTube that explained her life. She said she was doing basically nothing, and I hired her and taught her everything about what she’s doing now.

“I’ve hired one girl in 10 years, and it was her. She had something, but I wasn’t able to harness it properly. I couldn’t get her to understand it’s a business. We never could get eye-to-eye.”

Jenna has not publicly commented on her relationship with David since. Her deletion of her “Draw My Life” video suggests she disagrees with the content in it, as she’s previously said she has done with her old videos, though she has not confirmed this publicly.

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