Jason Segel Has Been Dating Artist Alexis Mixter for Years — Details!

Jason is starring in the January 2021 release of Our Friend. In the film, he stars with Dakota Johnson and Casey Affleck. Jason plays Dane, the best friend to married couple Nicole and Matthew (Dakota and Casey) whose friendship with the couple gets stronger as they all deal with Nicole’s terminal illness. 

Our Friend is based on the true story of Matthew Teague and his wife Nicole Teague. Nicole died of cancer in 2014 and the movie is based on the couple’s relationship with friend Dane Faucheux during such a rough period in their lives. 

According to Datebook, the movie is based specifically on a 2015 article in Esquire Matthew wrote about the experience. Titled The Friend: Love Is Not a Big Enough Word, Matthew says that Dane moved in with him and his wife in 2013 and helped the couple through the traumatic experience. 

“It was a routine death in every sense,” the article says. “It was ordinary. Common. The only remarkable element was Dane.”

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