James Charles Without Makeup — Plus Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, and More

The online beauty community is full of influencers who made names for themselves solely based on their ability to apply makeup in ways that don’t seem humanly possible. 

These largely self-taught artists — like James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Jaclyn Hill — now have millions of followers on multiple social platforms and their own cosmetics lines. It’s no surprise, however, that fans wonder what their favorite beauty gurus look like without their signature beat faces. 

Luckily for those curious fans, we did some digging and found rare makeup-free pics of the most popular beauty vloggers in the game. So, keep scrolling to see your favorite beauty vloggers without makeup. Spoiler alert: they are still flawless. 

View more information: https://www.distractify.com/p/james-charles-without-makeup

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