Is the Pez Dispenser TikTok Hack Real or Just Some Clever Editing?

In addition to the many other types of content on TikTok, it’s also become a popular platform for a wide variety of life hacks that have varying degrees of usefulness. One recent hack that’s gone viral on the platform involves the loading of a Pez dispenser, but many suspect that the hack isn’t real at all, and is instead a life hack that seems really cool but is impossible to replicate.

Is the Pez dispenser TikTok hack real?

Pez dispensers may not be something that the average adult thinks about frequently. After all, Pez is specifically aimed at kids, who are often enamored with the dispensers you can collect to actually deliver the candy into your mouth. The taste of Pez is almost beside the point. It’s the dispensers that kids are really interested in.

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As the video shows, all you need to do is take a wrapped pack of Pez candies and load them in, still wrapped, from the bottom of the dispenser. When you push the top down, the wrapper peels off and the candy is loaded, all in one smooth motion. This instant process is much less time consuming than manually loading the candies from the top, but some aren’t sure that everything is as simple as it seems.

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Other TikTok users have tried to replicate the hack.

Videos of the Pez dispenser hacked have been viewed and shared millions of times, but some users who give the hack a shot find that it isn’t as easy as it looks. Those who have tried the trick themselves say that the hard piece of plastic at the bottom of the dispenser makes loading the candy that way impossible. Instead of stripping the wrapper off, the plastic at the bottom forces the entire thing back out again.

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The comments under the videos of the hacks tell a similar story, and seem to suggest that the original video displaying the hack has been tampered with in some way to make it look possible when it isn’t. It seems like the hack isn’t actually real, or at least is being done on a type of Pez dispenser that most people don’t actually have access to.

Life hacks can be incredibly cool to watch, but that’s much more true when the hack is actually something that a normal person can do on their own. This video is more like a magic trick, where the user does something that most people can’t actually do. Pez dispensers may be fun collectibles, but that doesn’t mean they’re all that easy to load with candy.

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