Is the ‘Ghost Adventures’ Star Single?

Recently, TMZ reported that Zak Bagans and Holly Madison broke up after two years of dating. While the pair met years before, they didn’t become romantically involved until they reconnected in May 2019 when Holly came to visit Zak’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. The two, who have been tight-lipped about their romance for the duration of their relationship, have kept their breakup equally quiet. According to sources, Holly and Zak broke up sometime in February 2021, but they are still cordial. 

Prior to dating Zak, the 40-year-old former star of Girls Next Door was married to Pasquale Rotella until February 2019. They share two kids together who are fairly young, so it’s possible Holly tries to keep her personal life as down-low as possible for their benefit.

Although Holly and Zak have decided to call it quits, the model left one clue that this may not be the end of the road for the couple. Her IG bio lists among her occupations “Future ghost,” which feels like an obvious nod to Zak’s line of work. 

Despite his recent breakup, at least Zak still has the other love of his life, his dog, Gracie. 

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