Is Megan Boone Leaving ‘The Blacklist’? She’s Saying Goodbye

Megan didn’t have much of an acting career prior to her role on The Blacklist, save for a few appearances on other shows in similar veins, which led her to lose hope on the goal of making it as a star. She was all set to throw in the towel when the role of Agent Liz came to her attention and changed her mind.

“Once I got ahold of The Blacklist and I read it, I was immediately kind of drawn to the character Elizabeth Keen, and I worked really hard on it for about a week before I met with Eisendrath and Bokenkamp and Joe Carnahan, who directed it,” Megan explained to Daily Actor about how the role struck her enough to push her to continue to pursue acting as a career.

“I probably gave one of the better auditions of my career because it was one of the more important ones to me,” she continued to the publication, adding that, “I think they continued their search, but always kind of kept me in the mix as they were looking because obviously, it’s a very important part of the show and they wanted to make the right decision.” 

Fortunately for Megan, casting agents decided on her and the rest became Blacklist history.

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