Is Maureen McCormick Married and How Many Kids Does She Have?

Yes! Back in 1985, she married Michael Cummings. In her autobiography, Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice, she wrote that as soon as she met him at a concert, she knew she had met her husband. 

“I turned around and saw this guy behind me,” Maureen said. “I’d never seen him before. He had dark hair, a great build, and chiseled features. I looked straight into his eyes and thought, ‘This is the man I’m going to marry.'”

From there, things moved pretty quickly, but it worked out for the best. Maureen says that she went out of her way to get to know and spend time with Michael. They spent time at church together and eventually had their first date. Then, just one month after that, they got engaged. 

In her book, Maureen said that one of the reasons their marriage has bested the test of time is because of their faith. In her book, she wrote, “The two of us had faith that our love, despite all of our problems, was real, strong, durable, and worth sticking around for. Our faith made us believe our love was real.”

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