Is Larry Birkhead In a Relationship? Let’s Consider the Evidence

For those born prior to the year 2000, Anna Nicole Smith was at one point a household name and reality television legend. Blonde, bubbly, and not unlike original Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe, her 2007 death from accidental overdose shocked viewers nationwide. Her former flame, Larry Birkhead, has been raising their daughter since that time, but fans have been curious if he is in a relationship. 

After Anna Nicole’s death, Larry stepped up for his daughter.

The story of Dannielynn’s birth is a bit complicated, but thankfully, there is a happy ending. Anna Nicole Smith was engaged to Howard K. Stern at the time of her death but had previously been court-ordered to submit to a paternity test when photographer Larry Birkhead claimed Dannielynn was his daughter. Howard was listed on Dannielynn’s birth certificate as her father at the time. 

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Post Anna Nicole’s passing, it was determined that Larry was indeed Dannielynn’s father, and he was able to gain full custody of her. For most of her youth, Larry went above and beyond to ensure that his daughter was shielded from the spotlight, giving very few interviews and allowing only a select few photographs of himself to be taken with his daughter. 

Due to this sheltered lifestyle, Larry said in a 2017 interview with E! Online that his daughter has tried to set him up more than once, including a hilarious conversation where she suggests he date the Kardashian-Jenners for their frozen yogurt machine. Larry recounted, “We went to a swim party and it was a bunch of moms and I felt out of place… Then Dannielynn comes over, takes my foot, and slides it next to the mother’s foot next to me. She says, ‘Y’all need to get to know each other.'”

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It sounds like despite Dannielynn’s best efforts, Larry just isn’t ready to be in any sort of relationship for the time being. He stated that in the past, he had tried to date, however, he said, “I’ve been on a few dates and the thing is that, early on, it’s too much commotion [with girls] thinking [I was] looking for [another] Anna Nicole. I had one girl come and try to try on Anna Nicole’s jewelry… They just want to talk about the whole situation.”

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