Is Kyla Pratt Married? She Has Two Kids With Danny “KP” Kirkpatrick

Those who grew up in the ’90s remember Kyla Pratt as Maya in the movie Dr. Dolittle franchise. Since then, the actress has gone on to appear in a number of TV movies and series, including: The Proud Family (Penny Proud), One on One, Recovery Road, Love and Basketball, and more.

She also stars in the 2020 Lifetime movie, Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve, opposite of Brooks Darnell — leaving many wondering: Is Kyla Pratt married?

Is Kyla Pratt married?

Technically, the actress is not married. However, Kyla has been in a relationship with Danny “KP” Kirkpatrick for more than 12 years — and they’ve reportedly been engaged since 2011.

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In 2014, Kyla shared she and Danny were in no rush to get married during an interview with VLAD TV.

“We’re going to get married when we feel like it,” the actress said at the time. “I feel like there’s a lot of pressure that people try to put on anybody in relationships, as far as getting married.”

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Danny is a tattoo artist who starred in ‘Black Ink Crew: Compton.’

Danny, aka KP, starred in the VH1 reality TV series, Black Ink Crew: Compton. He’s a professional tattoo artist offscreen, too, having inked some big Hollywood stars, including: Diddy, Taraji P. Henson, Nas, and more.

Kyla’s boyfriend is also involved in the music industry under the stage name IAM Compton.

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On an episode of Black In Crew: Compton, KP shared how he and Kyla initially met.

“Kyla and I met almost 11 years ago. I had a cousin that was my roommate — I had two female cousins and one of them invited her over,” he explained … “I walked in the house, my cousin introduced us, ‘KP, this is KP.’ She was like, ‘I’m KP.’ Then I went to my room.”

Later, KP had friends over and was laughing with a friend who couldn’t handle a shot of the liquor they had.

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“And she [Kyla] jumped in and was like, ‘You talking all that sh-t I want to see you do it.’ I was like, ‘I can do that.’ And then at that moment, I was like, ‘What I’m getting out of this? But since you calling me out, if I take this shot, you gotta be KP Jr.”

KP continued, “Did it, everybody went crazy, ‘Oh, you jr.” After that we was cool. That’s how we met.”

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Be sure to catch Kyla Pratt on the Lifetime movie Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve.

She’s also starring in Call Me Kat, which premieres on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021, at 8 p.m. EST on Fox, before it moves to its normal time slot of Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on Jan. 7.

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