Is Josh Martinez From ‘The Challenge’ Dating Anyone Currently?

Much like the mentality that secured him a win on Season 19 of Big Brother, Josh’s approach to competition in The Challenge has proven to be one that is divisive amongst other competitors as well as fans of the show.

While participating in Big Brother, the star stunned fans by his unorthodox approach to winning, which involved actions such as heated arguments, purposeful underrating, and even using pots and pans to anger his opponents. Although many believed that Josh was going to be kicked off of the program due to his behavior, the unconventional methods allowed him to truly shine and emerge victorious in the program.

Now, on The Challenge, Josh is looking to secure another win through the same type of sheer devotion and willingness that secured him the same position on Big Brother. Speaking about his first elimination win with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “It felt so good honestly, this is my fourth season and at that point, it was kinda like I was against myself ’cause like, all the doubt and all the fear going into elimination after losing three seasons in a row, it was rough.”

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