Is Jason Hawk Still on ‘Mountain Men’? What Happened to Jason?

Ten seasons in, Mountain Men still continues to surprise us with its eccentric real-life characters who choose to live off the land. Jason Hawk was one of our favorites, with his expert blade making and love of his family. So when we learned of his cancer diagnosis, we were all heartbroken. He and his wife, Mary, even organized a GoFundMe to help pay off medical bills.

“Some of you have watched our family struggle through challenging times in the Ozarks,” they wrote.

“We have always found ways to be self-reliant and provide for our family. My husband’s diagnosis of cancer at age 45 has been a humbling experience, creating the realization that we can’t do this alone. We are going to need help with mounting medical bills and our living expenses over this coming year.”

Jason and his family’s only sources of income have been from Mountain Men, but in the GoFundMe, they revealed, “Unfortunately, our contract with History Channel was not renewed, so we will no longer be filming with Mountain Men.”

Before being on the show, Jason and his family were just living off the land. They could make money off of some odd jobs and Jason’s blade smith skills, but times are challenging with Jason’s diagnosis.

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