Is ‘iZombie’ Over? — Plus, Season 5’s Ending Explained in Detail

So, is iZombie over?

Though the news of iZombie‘s cancellation broke in May of 2018, the series came back for a final fifth season in order to appease its passionate core fanbase, per Deadline.

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The end to the series, which was loosely based on Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s comic, arrived due to dwindling viewership. However, that didn’t stop iZombie from rising to the ranks of cult series, being well-received by critics and nominated for several Teen Choice Awards, including in the “Breakout Show” and “TV Star: Female” categories.

Because of its core audience, iZombie knew it had to tie things up for its devoted viewers. And that’s exactly what it did in its final season. “It’s a lovely bow at the end of the season,” showrunner Rob Thomas explained to Screen Rant. “We will answer all of the big, long-term arc questions.”

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Source: CW

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How did iZombie end?

iZombie began as undead protagonist Liv (played by Rose McIver) ate a victim’s brain to try and understand the circumstances of their murder. 

And over the past five seasons, we’ve seen the series evolve into a panic over a massive outbreak, where the city of Seattle is walled and people are fighting “the Battle of Seattle” for their chance at survival.

The final episode, aptly titled “All’s Well That Ends Well” watches our zombie star Liv apparently die in a Seattle bombing. Meanwhile, Major volunteers to take the cure on television to prove that it works, except the medication turns out to be bunk because Ravi gave it to the head of the bad guys in Fillmore Graves.

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At the same time, Blaine is stuck with his rival Don E in zombie hell at the bottom of the well. Fans agree that this is a great end for the character, whom many on Twitter describe as “a total jerk” and “so extra with EVERYTHING.”

“All it takes is a scratch,” Liv offers at the end of the virtual cast show, after the host signs out and Liv and Major join their cast of friends. The major twist here is that though everyone has claimed the stars were dead, they’ve all been in contact all along. Hopefully, they can hang out with each other for eternity.

All five seasons of iZombie are available for streaming on Netflix.

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