Is House Hunters Real? — What It’s like to Be on the Show

Considering how much work goes into appearing on House Hunters, you’d think producers would be begging people to appear on the show. But since the series has such a vast and devoted fan base, they’re always receiving applications. The whole process isn’t easy either. Applicants have to answer a ton of essay questions about their house search, do a phone interview over Skype, and then submit a video audition. Even after doing all that free unpaid labor, some couples are still turned down for not having an interesting storyline. 

“I went through the written online application, phone interview, and video audition for House Hunters before ultimately not being selected,” reddit user mlecscbs wrote. “[It was] because they had ‘done my story’ too many times recently (single woman in big city buying first home).”

Although you might wonder why people put themselves through all the fakeness and the chaos, people who appeared on the show have nothing but good things to say about their experience. 

“We had an awesome time hanging out with the crew and then when the day was over and they left…..I was sad for it to end,” one blogger wrote. “Nothing makes a girl feel more special than having an entourage with cameras and sound equipment following you around so that people on the street stop and stare wondering who you are.”

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However, for others, it wasn’t the 15 minutes of fame they were after but something more.

“It was an incredible experience and an honor for my family to be on an episode of House Hunters International,” Dr. Nate wrote. “Although there were some made-up elements to our televised story, it was overall a pretty accurate depiction of our experience. We like a good clean story with a nice ending, and for that reason, I think that HGTV does this the right way. Just think of it as, ‘Based on a True Story.'”


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