Is Ghost Really Dead? — His Killer Revealed in Shocking ‘Power’ Finale

The mid-season finale of Power left fans (including us) reeling after the series ended on a major cliffhanger. In the Nov. 3 episode of the Starz drama, James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) was left for dead after he was shot and fell off the balcony at the nightclub, Truth. We know that Tariq, Paz, Tate, Tasha, Tommy, Saxe, and Dre were all packing, leading up to his possible death, and each had a clear motive in wanting to kill Ghost.  

In the highly anticipated series finale, audiences finally learn who which character actually followed through and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, yes, Ghost is really dead. But, at least his killer was finally revealed!

So, who really shot Ghost?

For weeks leading up to the finale, fans had been getting closer to learning the truth behind who shot Ghost. In the end, it was Ghost’s son Tariq who actually killed him. However, in a shocking turn of events, it was Tariq’s mother Tasha who took the fall for his murder, and audiences even see her sporting an orange prison jumpsuit at the end of the episode.

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Source: Starz

Adding, “I mean, the ultimate decision to kill Ghost is hers. She is the one who says, ‘I’m going to stop him.’  … She gets him in the situation. They’re both guilty of murder in a way, aren’t they? It’s just that because she set it up, she is at least guilty of conspiracy.”

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So, yes, Ghost is really dead.

Twitter went crazy following the events that transpired in the mid-season 6 finale episode. “If Ghost really dead I’m not watching this s–t no more… POWER better have the best surgeons out this b—,” tweeted one fan. Another added, “I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to shoot my boy ghost and keep us waiting till January to see if he survives…. ya’ll playing games. @Power_STARZ #WhoShotGhost.” 

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Courtney about the episode’s shocking cliffhanger and what’s to come in the final five episodes in the series. 

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After the episode aired, Omari posted what seemed like a farewell message to the series. 

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“Thank you Starz, producers, writers, directors, crew, teamsters & my beloved cast for trusting each other enough to aid majorly in this line being blurred. That is when programming shifts the culture. My belief is we accomplished that. Thank you fans for entrusting me with the job of quarterbacking this team of bandits who scored in stealing your hearts week in/week out for 6 [years],” he wrote in a lengthy message on Instagram. 

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Source: Starz

“[To] EVERY family member, friend, colleague & most imperatively… FAN who finds themselves at an impasse between that ever present Real & Fiction right now of whether your ghost has become just THAT…a ghost…And are in rage because of it….I [understand] your emotion [sic],” Omari added, concluding, “If Ghost has taught you anything… the company you keep & keep the company you watch [sic].”

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