Is ‘Fall Guys’ Coming to Mobile? Yes — but There’s a Catch

There is one thing that could really take Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to the next level, though, and that’s a robust mobile version. We’ve seen it work for other battle royale games such as Fortnite, so it makes sense that Fall Guys might also make the leap to mobile. So, is that the plan? Here’s what we know.

Is ‘Fall Guys’ coming to mobile?

First of all, let’s go ahead and point out that Fall Guys JUST came out in August 2020. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting things to change and improve immediately in this day and age, but, obviously, a mobile port of the game would take a lot of time and work. We just want to put it out there that we’re not demanding a mobile version of Fall Guys or boycotting the game until it exists or anything like that. We’re just curious!

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As for whether Fall Guys will exist on a mobile platform for players who don’t live in China, well, that’s a bit more up in the air. “As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of questions about platforms since launch,” said Mediatonic co-founder Bill Croft. “Of course we’d love to release on more platforms in the future but for now we’re focusing our efforts on PC and PS4.”

Source: Mediatonic

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In other words, Fall Guys mobile may very well exist in the future, but the devs are focusing on the versions of the game that already exist right now — and which are obviously doing quite well for themselves, thank you very much. The game had more than 1.5 million players in its first 24 hours after launch, so it’s certainly not hurting for an audience.

All that aside, Fall Guys definitely seems like the ideal game for a mobile platform. The basic run-and-jump controls mean you could certainly play it without a controller. If people can manage to switch between shooting and building in Fortnite on mobile, it should be pretty easy to navigate the obstacles on Fall Guys on your phone. Or fail to navigate them, which is honestly more fun to watch, anyway. Here’s hoping a mobile version happens before too long!

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