Is Drew Carey Really Leaving ‘The Price Is Right’? Sounds Like It!

It’s a tough gig to replace a beloved host on a long-running game show. Just ask Ken Jennings, who stepped in for Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!. The same goes for Bob Barker on The Price Is Right

The daytime game show dates back as far as 1956, and it was re-done in 1972 with Bob Barker as the host. For many, Bob is still considered the OG GOAT of TPIR. However, Drew Carey quickly cemented himself as a beloved personality from the get-go. But is it true he’s leaving the show?

Is Drew Carey really leaving ‘The Price Is Right’? It might just be a tabloid rumor.

It’s important to note that one of the first outlets to report on Drew’s potential departure from the show is The National Enquirer, which is affectionately referred to as “the most reputable of the supermarket tabloids.” The outlet has been known to publish salacious stories that so few people believe that it’s actually news when their stories end up being steeped in fact.

While there hasn’t been any word from Drew as to whether or not he’s leaving the show, The National Enquirer reported that he’s planning on departing from the program. The news comes following the tragic murder of Drew’s ex-fiance Amie Harwick. He stated after she died, “Amie and I had a love that people are lucky to have once in a lifetime. She was a positive force in the world, a tireless and unapologetic champion for women, and passionate about her work as a therapist.”

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is drew carey leaving the price is right

Source: CBS

Drew continued, “I am overcome with grief. I would like to thank you in advance for giving myself and everyone who loved Amie privacy while we try to work through this tragic situation.”

Amie was murdered by an ex-boyfriend, who broke into her apartment and allegedly pushed her off of her balcony, sending the woman to her death.

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The anonymous source has stated that Drew is still overcome over the loss of Amie and that “Drew is going through hell, and this has changed his life in every way imaginable. It’s hard to be the jovial host of a TV show when your heart has been torn out by such a horrific tragedy.” 

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The source went on to say that Amie’s death has gotten Drew thinking that he will ultimately leave Hollywood and The Price Is Right. What does he plan on doing afterwards? Apparently, his work is going to be “in tribute” to Amie’s life, and he’s planning on launching initiatives that will focus on taking harsher stances on acts of domestic violence.

Gossip Cop has castigated The National Enquirer for making a “mockery of tragedies” like Drew Carey’s, pointing out that the publication also reported Matthew McConaughey would replace Alex Trebek as Jeopardy!‘s host and Tom Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods over health issues.

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