Is Dixie D’Amelio Performing at the Grammys? Here’s What We Know

Initially feeding into the drama for the fun of it, Dixie took to her spam Instagram page to post stories about the incident: 

“Oh my god I cannot wait for the Grammys,” was her first message. Later, however, her tune changed. Clearly feeling the effects of the negative comments across her social media, the star wrote, “also why [the f–k] am I getting hate for a RUMOR. I’m tireddddd.”

Although she won’t in fact be taking part in the Grammys this year, by the tone of her initial messages about the rumor, it seems as though she’d be open to it. Dixie’s career has sprung up quickly, but with a lot of support. With songs out alongside the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Dillon Francis, the social media star has been building a cult following for her music.

With that much momentum and drive behind her work, who knows? Maybe Dixie will finally truly join the Grammys lineup next year.

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