Is DaniLeigh Pregnant With Da Baby’s Baby? She Just Made a Big Reveal

The rumors have finally been settled as DaniLeigh took to Instagram on the morning of July 16, 2021, to confirm that she is indeed pregnant. Posing nude next to a waterfall with only a white cloth covering her front side, the singer captioned the set of photos, “As you grow so does my love, discipline, and focus.”

She still hasn’t confirmed who the father of the child is, but fans didn’t pay any mind to that as they flooded her comment section with congratulatory wishes.

Given the news that she is indeed pregnant, her career could take another hit if the father is Da Baby. She is still in hot water with many for the “Yellow Bone” song and her lack of understanding about colorism. And since her child with Da Baby would be part Black, it would be interesting to see how things would play out. 

Plus, it seems as if Da Baby is completely over her and focused on his career and family. So, adding a baby into the equation would only complicate the status of their non-relationship. 

Even though the father of DaniLeigh’s baby hasn’t been revealed, fans are excited for the star! Though they are still clamoring for more details and ready for the drama if it does end up being Da Baby. Only time will tell if we will learn more.

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