Is Chris Harrison Married to Lauren Zima? Details on That Wedding Pic

Many of us know that Chris Harrison has been dating Entertainment Tonight correspondent Lauren Zima for a few years now, so it’s not like he’s springing a new secret girlfriend on us all. But while Bachelor Nation loves plot twists, we also love romantic sagas, and a secret marriage that none of us could enjoy does not fit into that. So is Chris Harrison really married to Lauren Zima?

Chris and Lauren quickly dispelled rumors that they got married.

There’s no way Chris didn’t expect people to think he and Lauren got married with the romantic photo and dress that looks like a wedding gown. In fact, he could have confused us purposely to drive up engagement on his page (maybe in preparation for a real engagement?).

Fans and friends alike were also quick to congratulate Chris and Lauren, with Colton Underwood commenting with hearts, and Nick Viall writing, “Congrats?!?”

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However, Chris and Lauren got into the comments section quickly. Lauren first wrote, “I love you so much and appreciate all the ‘congrats’! This *bridesmaids* dress is really living above its potential.” 

Chris jumped aboard, letting us know they are not married with his response. “Wow you attend one wedding together…do one chicken dance and your [sic] hitched! Congrats Christine and Kevin on a beautiful wedding and the start of a wonderful life together. I do love this bridesmaid though.”

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Chris and Lauren are not married, but they have been dating for about three years.

If our timeline is correct, Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima have been together for about three years, since the summer of 2018, so they could be on their way to getting married soon. Lauren Zima is a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight who covers the Bachelor franchise while also hosting her comedic recap show, The Bachelor: Roses and Rosé, on YouTube.

While there’s a 16-year difference between Chris and Lauren, they seem very happy together and have grown closer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In April 2020, Chris and Lauren decided to host an Instagram Live series together, Group Date, to give all of us Bachelor Nation fans an incentive to stay inside every night. Lauren told People, “We all need a sense of community right now. We all need something to look forward to and so, we wanted to give people that and then at the same time raise money.” 

Chris, on the other hand, likes to stay a little more private, so he explained, “I am intensely private and don’t live out loud despite what I do for a living. Lauren is much more the type of person that lives out loud. So she is trying to teach me, and I’m trying to meet halfway in the middle.”

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However, both Chris and Lauren admitted that the pandemic was bringing them closer together by helping them communicate more, get frustrated more, and just be a little “extra graceful with each other.” Lauren sweetly shared, “All of the things that I loved in him before, I think I’m just seeing more and appreciating even more now.”

Even though Lauren and Chris aren’t married yet, we might not have too long to wait based on what we know already!

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