Is Candice Patton Leaving ‘The Flash’? Fans Aren’t Ready for Her Exit

Well into Season 7 of The Flash, Deadline reported that Candice was among the actors who sighed contracts to appear through Season 8 at least. Because her contract with the series was technically up at the end of Season 7, her future with the series was, for a time, in limbo, as far as fans were concerned. They can rest easy now knowing she’ll be sticking around.

While there have been rumors of Grant Gustin, who plays the titular Flash / Barry Allen, wanting to leave the show after Season 8, which he is under contract for right now, he and Candice would likely leave the show at the same time since they are two of the lead characters.

But for now, it looks like they’re not going anywhere. Candice hasn’t mentioned leaving the show on her social media accounts. If she plans to leave after Season 8, she hasn’t said as much just yet.

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