Is Anastasia a Disney Princess? Details on Her Disney+ Debut

There is much debate over whether or not Anastasia can be considered a true Disney Princess now that the film is available to stream on Disney+, and Disney owns the film. Many believe that she meets the requirements that Disney supposedly has set up for its princesses while others can’t accept it because she wasn’t an original Disney character. 

Screen Rant writes, “The requirements to become a Disney Princess are only known to Disney executives, who have the final word on who is an official Disney Princess and who isn’t, but they all share some basic characteristics: they are human (or have a humanoid appearance, in Ariel’s case), they have the central role, they aren’t the star of a sequel, and they are royal by birth, marriage, or did a heroic deed (like Mulan).” 

“Anastasia meets all these and a bit more, such as having at least one musical number (which is mentioned as a requirement by many), and now that she’s property of Disney, she’s technically a Disney Princess, but she isn’t part of that specific franchise, simply because she hasn’t been chosen as one. Instead, Anastasia is a princess owned by Disney,” they continued. 

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