Is American Horror Story Based on True Stories in History?

In Season 2, TV viewers are taken inside an insane asylum, hence the title of the series, and were introduced to many interesting characters (we’re looking at you, Pepper). Remember the weird alien twist in asylum that left us all scratching our heads in the end? Well, on-screen couple Kit and Alma Walker were based off real-life interracial duo Barney and Betty Hill, who reported that they were abducted by aliens in 1961. 

“The Betty and Barney Hill story of the fifties, sixties, was one of the first abduction stories,” producer Tim Minear told Entertainment Weekly. “It was an interracial couple, we weren’t taking from that specifically, but it was in the water, in our experience, the stories that we all knew. When Ryan first pitched out that first story, he pitched it in that order, and he was like, ‘And then we meet him at his farm, and then he’s abducted by aliens.’ And my jaw was on the floor, but it felt exactly right to me for the period.” 

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