How to Watch Old Seasons of ‘The Bachelor’ — Where to Stream the Show

Normally, you can keep up with the current seasons of The Bachelor franchise on Hulu or ABC, where episodes can be streamed the day after they premiere. But if you want to watch any of the previous seasons to fill the void left behind, there aren’t many options, save for buying the seasons outright.

Ahead of Season 24 of The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick’s season was released on Netflix. It was the only season within the Bachelor franchise available for streaming, and given its air date was almost a decade ago, it was a blast from the past for everyone.

Not only was Season 13 hilarious to watch for the outfits alone, but those who participated in the season were also a little embarrassed that everyone could relive their search for love.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed that my 25-year-old self is documented on TV,” Melissa Rycroft, who competed for Jason’s heart that season, told US Weekly. “I had, like, the poof in my hair. I was wearing tank tops and scarves, it was a mess. There was no YouTube to show us how to contour, or do makeup. … I mean, it’s just an embarrassing time that was documented that people are getting to relive it again.”

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For a while, that was the only previous season within the Bachelor franchise that was available to stream, but recently, that’s changed.

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