How to Use the Cartoon App on Facebook: Inside the Viral Trend

Although plenty of people are finding joy in the trend, others are not so thrilled.

“The latest stupid Facebook fad is here,” one user tweeted. “People making cartoons out of their profile pictures. About as dumb as putting dog ears and a dog’s nose on yourself.”

“Thought of the day – I wish everyone on my Facebook would stop turning their profile pictures into cartoons,” a second person wrote.

“If I see one more cartoon Disney version of someone on my Facebook feed, I’m deleting my account,” another added.

Every major trend is likely to annoy some users, but the Cartoon Challenge is pretty harmless. Some people may find themselves annoyed that there are now cartoon people all over their feeds, but they’ll live to fight another day. Meanwhile, those who are participating get to find out what they would look like in a Pixar movie.

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