How to Edit Your Memoji Because You Have All the Time in the World

Creating your Memoji is way easier than it sounds. Start out by opening a brand new message, or going to an existing conversation within Messages, according to Apple Support. Then, tap the Animoji button, swipe right, and tap New Memoji. There, you can customize any and all of your beloved Memoji’s features, from skin tone to hair, eyes, and even headgear. When you’re all finished, simply tap done. Success.

Maybe at some point in life, you’ll decide to dye your hair, become obsessed with a bright pink hat, get colored contacts, or go to the tanning salon once or twice. Regardless, you can edit your Memoji, no matter what you decide to do with your appearance. Start out by opening a new message, then, tap Animoji, and swipe right for your Memoji. Tap More, and there, you can choose Edit, Duplicate, or Delete. The choice is yours.

While Animojis provided Apple users the chance to become any emoji of their choice, Memojis are a truly great form of communication. Now that you have all the time in the world amidst quarantining, it’s a better time than ever to update yours, so definitely hop on that project — it’s probably a bigger priority than most of what was on your to-do list anyway.

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