How Old Is Loki in Human Years? (Yes, There’s a Difference)

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Episode 3 of Loki.

The Marvel Universe is so vast and expansive, with so many different characters, rules, alternate timelines, dimensions, and storylines that keeping track of it all is a herculean task. Heck, just keeping tabs on the differences between Earth-616 and Earth-001 would take a ton of research, so it’s understandable that people would forget some details about the various races and species of the Marvel Universe. Take the relative ages of beings like Loki: How old would he be in human years?

How old is Loki in human years?

The popular Disney Plus Loki is all about Loki’s “time crimes” and how the God of Mischief is being used by the TVA, the Time Variance Authority, to help track down a “time killer” of sorts, in exchange for pardoning his specific brand of diablerie.

Tom Hiddleston brings a wonderful amount of humanism to the otherwise “out there” role, so audiences can actually relate to the villain.

how old is loki in human years

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Asgardians live for about 5,000 years and Loki’s only been around for 1,070 of those years, which, relative to humans, makes him about 21.4 years old. Thor, on the other hand, is 1,500 years old, which makes him about 30 years old in human years.

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‘Loki’ Episode 3, “Lamentis,” revealed a bunch of interesting tidbits and answered the question: Is Loki bi?

The Disney Plus series established in “Lamentis” that Loki’s officially bisexual in the MCU, so if you’re very concerned about the accurate representation of fictional characters’ sexual orientations, you can now rest easy.

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Loki’s also been put in a possibly fatal situation with the dangerous Variant he’s been tasked to help the TVA capture. However, the series’ biggest mystery just becomes more and more perplexing: Who exactly is running the Time Variance Authority?

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How did this organizational entity gain so much power? What is their real end game? Wouldn’t it be a contradiction for Loki to end up there if that wasn’t originally part of their plan? How does managing a timeline make any sense? Why were the aberrations the Avengers took with going back in time fine by them, but the second Loki tries to, he gets in trouble?

Plus, how in the world did the TVA get so powerful? Who’s behind the weapons that they manufacture and how do they have so much control over time?

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We’ll have to see if these questions are answered in the remainder of Loki.

New episodes debut on Disney Plus every Wednesday. What do you think’s going to happen in the popular series?

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