How Did Ziva Die on ‘NCIS’? The Character’s Story Arc Has Been Filled With Twists

Earlier this year, NCIS pulled off a twist so shocking, fans were calling the Season 16 episode the best they’d ever seen. The revelation had to do with the death of Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), the former agent who last appeared on the series in 2013.

During the Season 16 episode “She,”  Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) discovered a note — allegedly written by the former Mossad operative — that read, “Eleanor Bishop. For the safety of my family, please keep my secret.”

Is Ziva coming back for good? 

It sure looks like it. In the final scene of the episode, titled _____, Ziva shows up at Gibbs’ house, much to the surprise of the NCIS leader. 

“Hello, Gibbs. No time for pleasantries — you’re in danger,” she said in the final scene. “Well, aren’t you gonna say something?”

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The scene wasn’t even included in the script, so Cote’s appearance was just as much a surprise to the rest of the cast as it was for us.

And fans definitely were excited about Cote’s return to the small screen. “I TOLD YALL SHE WASNT DEAD!!!!!!!!! Ziva’s baaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk,” one viewer enthusiastically tweeted. 

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But getting Cote back on the series was probably easier said than done. In a 2016 interview, the 39-year-old admitted that she was disappointed with Ziva’s story arc, which prompted her exit. 

“Unfortunately, because of political things and the scripts not being good enough, I chose not to [stay],” she shared at the time. “I love this character. I worked eight years in crafting this character and loving her, so when I felt or I perceived the character was not being treated with the respect that she deserved, all the money in the world couldn’t buy [me].”

An official premiere date has not been set for Season 17, but fan can expect to see more of Ziva in the Fall of 2019. 

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