How Did Woah Vicky Get Famous? Bhad Bhabie’s Nemesis Has a Backstory

How did Woah Vicky get famous?

But according to Cheat Sheet, the social media celeb gained notoriety on Instagram and Twitter a few years back in 2017, after reportedly claiming that she is black, despite clearly being white. However, she claims she has “proof” that she is of African descent.

Vicky first posted about being black on Twitter, according to Babe, when she took an test that reportedly claimed she was 44 percent African.

From there on out, she began incessantly perpetuating black culture through her YouTube videos, using the N-word, and making racist rap songs.

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One of her more questionable (and seriously racist) rap songs was a diss track dedicated to Asian-American YouTuber and Gucci model, Ricegum. 

In the song, Vicky sang extremely offensive and racist lyrics that she later apologized for, but the video is still available to view on YouTube.

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She also claimed she was from Atlanta Zone 6, despite growing up in Georgia’s Cobb County.

Why would someone lie about that? Seriously not sure.

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They proceeded to fight over social media and FaceTime, and eventually met in person at a party in early 2018, where they became involved in a physical altercation. There, DJ Akademiks recorded the fight and posted it to Instagram. Needless to say, they aren’t fans of each other.

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The two publicly fought, which was recorded and posted to ‘TMZ.’

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