How Did Mike Dodds Die on ‘SVU’? — What Happened to the Sergeant

The sergeant’s death marked the first time in 17 seasons that the crime procedural killed off an inner member of the squad, though Mike had admittedly been a new addition, having joined SVU earlier that season following Olivia Benson’s promotion to lieutenant.

How does Mike Dodds die on ‘SVU’?

It’s actually at Mike’s goodbye party that Olivia calls on her squad to help a victim of domestic violence leave her house safely (Gary’s wife), and even though it’s Mike’s last day on the job, he offers to lend a hand.

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This turns out to be a pretty poor decision on his part, because it becomes clear that Gary isn’t going to let Mike or his wife out of the house without a fight. Gary ends up holding his wife and the sergeant hostage at gunpoint, and when Dodds Jr. tries to grab his gun at one point, he ends up being shot in the shoulder.

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how does mike dodds die svu

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A doctor ultimately informs Mike’s dad that his son has sustained a brain hemorrhage and that he won’t recover. It’s a super somber moment that sees Chief Dodds (Peter Gallagher) breaking down in Olivia’s arms, and Olivia, in turn, doesn’t even have to utter a word to the rest of her squad for them to understand the magnitude of the tragedy.

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Following his tragic and untimely death, Mike is given a hero’s funeral for which the whole team dresses up in full police uniform. Afterward, they remember their fallen colleague at a wake in an Irish pub.

Why did Andy Karl leave the show?

As fans know, Mike’s death is a big reason that Carisi (Peter Scanavino) sticks around the squad for another few seasons, despite the fact that he passes his bar exam around this time. 

But it turns out that the reason SVU lost a main member for the first time in 17 seasons is that actor Andy Karl took a role in a musical. He played the lead in the musical adaptation of Groundhog Day, first in London, then on Broadway.

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