Here’s How to Catch Cherry Blossom Petals in ‘Animal Crossing’

The outdoor picnic set isn’t the only recipe you’ll need cherry blossom petals for. You can also craft a cherry blossom Wand, Pochette, Pond Stone, Petal Pile, Bonsai, Branches, Clock, Umbrella, some wall coverings, flooring options, and a lantern. Basically, if you want to turn your island dweller’s life into a cherry blossom-tastic haven, you totally can!

And don’t forget about the egg-centric crafts for Bunny day, too! For those, you’ll need to find the eggs hidden all over your island. They’ll be in the treetops (shake ‘em!), the ground (dig ‘em up!), the water (fish for ‘em!), the air (slingshot ‘em down!) and in the trees themselves (chop ‘em down!). If you manage to craft all of the egg-y items by Easter (April 12), Zipper will give you a prize!

In order to craft all of the cherry blossom items, you’ll first need to find all of the recipes. You should be able to get the recipes from balloons (make sure you have a slingshot handy at all times), but you can also find them in bottles on the beach. If you don’t grab all of the recipes by the end of cherry blossom season, you’ll be out of luck until next year, so grab your net and Go. Get. Those. Cherry blossoms!

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