Here’s How to Apply for ‘Alone’ the TV Show and What You Can Bring

Luckily, has a Participant Gear List that reveals all the tools and necessities Alone cast members have brought with them on the show. It says that each person brings clothing, safety, and survival equipment with them.

In addition to a standard list, there’s also a “special” master list from which they can choose 10 items.

The standard items that participants can bring include protective clothing, a pair of glasses, a toothbrush, and a “personal photograph.” There is a specific quota for each kind of item you can bring.

The master list of “special items” is divided into four categories: cooking, bedding, shelter, hygiene, hunting, food, and tools. But no duplicates are allowed, and participants are only allowed to bring a maximum of two food items.

There’s also a list of things participants aren’t allowed to bring. This is basically anything that’s not included in the lists provided. But it does mention some items including compasses, lighters and matches, cosmetics, sunscreen, and guns and ammo.

But the list doesn’t say anything about what happens if or when someone is caught with any of these forbidden items. It would make sense if they were kicked off the show.

You can watch Alone on The History Channel on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST. The first season is also available on Netflix.

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