Her Cancer Battle Has Come to a Devastating End

Kate Hudson, Eliza’s mom, said in a TikTok video on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, that she and Chance Moore, Eliza’s dad, didn’t receive “the best news” about their daughter’s health. “It was unexpected news,” she added. “For us, for her surgeon, and for her entire oncology team. We are making the most of our lives together, as a family.”

Chance elaborated on his daughter’s condition in a video two days later.

In a video on Friday, April 23, Chance wrote, “We’ve been dreading this post for a long time. Eliza has gone through more than most people go through in a lifetime … including myself. She has been fighting cancer for more than 70 percent of her life.”

Then he broke the devastating news, telling followers that he and Kate decided to stop Eliza’s cancer treatment and to enjoy whatever remaining time they have with their little girl.

“After her most recent battle against this awful disease, we were told that we do not have much time left with our princess,” he said. “We decided it was best for Eliza to end her heroic battle with cancer … and let her be a kid again. Life is so precious and so is the time we get to spend together.”

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